July 1, 2009, Oshkosh, Wis., Remos G-3/6000


The instructor pilot reported the fuel quantity tube indicated tank of fuel, or about 11 gallons, during the preflight inspection. After approximately 30 minutes of flight, the engine stopped. The pilot executed a forced landing to a field, and the airplane nosed over during the landing roll.

The fuel system was empty, and the engine ran when fuel was provided. The fuel quantity tube was “discolored” and there was a crease in the tube at the halfway point, making it appear there was tank of fuel.

The Experimental Aircraft Association operated the airplane and reported new procedures were instituted for Remos flight operations. The procedures include: 1) Minimum fuel for dispatch is tank; 2) If an instructor change occurs, the aircraft must be fully fueled prior to flight; 3) Each aircraft must begin each day of operations with full fuel. Additionally, an “aircraft tach time” column was added to the airplanes refueling log.


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