July 25, Oshkosh, Wis. / Beech Bonanza


At 17:00 central time, a Beech BE-35 struck the runway with its left wing while landing at Wittman Regional Airport. The pilot and passenger were not injured. Special Air Traffic Management landing instructions, which had been issued in a NOTAM, were in effect during the time of the accident. The airplane had made a right downwind pattern and was landing at the Green Spot, located 3,000 feet from the runway threshold on the right side of runway 27. Another airplane, a Velocity, was behind the Beech on final approach, and was instructed to land on the Orange Spot, located 1,500 feet from the runway threshold on the left side of runway 27. The pilot of the Beech 35 said, When I saw the other aircraft next to me suddenly on my left I veered to the right to avoid contact with it. My plane went to the right and then I turned to the left to stay on the runway. My left wingtip contacted the runway.


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