July 26, Ashland, Va. / Cessna Centurion


At 00:28 eastern time, a Cessna 210D crashed shortly after departure from Hanover County Airport, killing the pilot. Witnesses reported the airplane arrived about 18:15 and the tanks were filled. Several hours later the pilot called for a weather briefing and filed an IFR flight plan. The pilot took off and was climbing to his cruising altitude of 5,000 feet when the controller called him to find out why he hadnt started turning on course. The pilot replied Ah, currently, Im at, ah … The radio continued to transmit background noise but no voice. Again a few minutes later, the aircraft transmitted background noise only. The controller tried to contact the pilot again and got a verbal response, so he issued turning instructions. The airplane at this point appeared to be circling around the airport. No further radio contact was made. The airplane appeared to hit right wing low at a descent rate in excess of 10,000 feet per minute.


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