July 8, Westminster, Md. / Luscombe 8A


At 13:07 eastern time, a Luscombe 8A departed the runway during the takeoff run at Clearview Airpark and was damaged when it struck a hangar. The pilot and flight instructor were not injured. The owner said he had recently purchased the airplane and needed a tailwheel checkout. The instructor said the owners handling of the airplane and use of brakes led him to believe the owner could make the takeoff. After the start of the takeoff roll, the airplane initially drifted right, and departed the right side of the 30-foot-wide runway. However, after running parallel to the runway for about 200 feet, it then crossed over the runway to the left and continued for an additional 225 feet, heading about 45 degrees left of the runway heading. The airplane passed through an area of nearby parked airplanes and then the right wing struck the edge of a hanger, after which the airplane pivoted until the left wing also struck the hanger. The owner had accumulated about 125 hours, with his last tailwheel experience over 20 years ago.


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