June 02, Elkton, Md. / Cubby Sport Trainer and Bellanca 7ECA


At about 17:35 eastern time, a homebuilt Cubby Sport Trainer collided with a Bellanca 7ECA on landing roll-out at Cecil County Airport/Raintree Airpark. The pilot of the Cubby and the two aboard the Bellanca were uninjured. The pilot of the Cubby said he flew a normal traffic pattern behind a Piper Lance to runway 31 and made a normal three-point landing within the first third of the runway. Suddenly the Bellanca appeared on his left side going the opposite direction and the two airplanes struck wings. The flight instructor of the Bellanca said the wind was favoring 13 and the Bellanca made a normal approach and landing. He saw the Cubby on short final but thought the other airplane was making a low approach. The student pilot aboard the Bellanca said he had been announcing his position and landing runway for four traffic patterns. Two days later the airport managers told the operators of all aircraft based at the airport that they must be equipped with radios and strobe lights.


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