June 9, Hillsboro, Ore. / Cessna 182


At approximately 13:30 Pacific time, a Cessna 182H overran the runway while trying to land at Starks Twin Oaks Airport. The pilot and passenger received minor injuries. The pilot said he was having trouble maintaining the correct airspeed in the pattern and executed a go-around on his first attempt to land because he was too high and fast. On his second attempt, he intentionally came in high with partial flaps in case he had to go around again. As he crossed the threshold, he was still a little high and fast, but he elected to continue his attempt to land. The aircraft did not touch down until it was about half-way down the 2,150 foot treated-gravel runway. The pilot then applied maximum braking, but slid off the end of the runway and over an embankment. He said he realized as he was touching down that he would probably go off the end, but he thought that if he tried a go-around he might collide with the trees just off the end of the runway.


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