March 16, 2012, Venice, Fla., Flight Design CTSW


The airplane was substantially damaged at about 1045 Eastern time when it impacted an airport perimeter fence following a loss of engine power on takeoff. The commercial pilot and the pilot-rated passenger were not injured. Visual conditions prevailed.

Prior to departing a nearby airport, the pilot serviced the airplane to have about 20 gallons of fuel aboard. After picking up his passenger, the pilot taxied the airplane and performed a brief run-up. The pilot initiated the takeoff roll normally and observed normal instrument indications. Upon lifting off, the primary flight display and the electronic engine monitor displayed “Warning – Low Fuel Pressure.” The engine then immediately lost power and the propeller ceased rotating. The pilot responded by lowering the airplane’s nose, and was subsequently able to land the airplane within the grass overrun area beyond the departure end of the runway. During the rollout, the airplane struck the airport perimeter fence, resulting in substantial damage to the left wing.


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