March 22, 2009, Butte, Mon., Pilatus PC-12/45


All 14 aboard were fatally injured and the airplane destroyed by impact forces, and a post-accident fire, when it crashed short of the runway at 1430 Mountain time. Visual conditions prevailed.

The airplane originally departed Redlands, Calif., and flew to Vaca-ville, Calif., where passengers were boarded. The pilot then flew to Oroville, Calif., where additional passengers were picked up.

At 1403, the airplane was at FL 250 when the pilot requested to change his destination from Bozeman, Mon., to Butte. At 1428, the pilot reported the airport in sight and ATC terminated radar service. Witnesses indicate the airplane was at about 300 feet AGL when it pitched to a nose-low attitude and impacted the ground.


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