May 01, Baltimore, Md. / Beech 400A


At 1653 eastern time, a Beechjet 400A overran the runway during landing at Baltimore-Washington International Airport. The two pilots and four passengers were not injured. The captain was making the landing and did not hear the flight cleared for a visual approach. As the copilot began programming the FMS for the ILS approach and the pilot began entering frequencies, the FMS locked up because only one terminal can be active at a time. The airplane came in fast and hot. The pilot estimated the speed on final at about 140 knots, the copilot estimated it at about 153 knots and the radar track showed the groundspeed was going 166 knots over the threshold at 300 feet. The copilot called for a go-around when the airplane still had not touched down 1,000 feet past the threshold. By the time the airplane was on the ground, the captain deemed it too late to make a go-around. The airplane began skidding from heavy braking almost at touchdown. The skid marks began with about 1,000 feet remaining on the 5,000-foot runway. The airplane would have needed 3,300 to 3,800 feet to land safely at the time.


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