May 11, 2012, Chanute, Kan. Cessna 401


At approximately 1630 Central time, the airplane was substantially damaged upon impact with terrain. The commercial pilot and three passengers were fatally injured. One passenger was seriously injured. Visual conditions prevailed; the flight operated on an IFR flight plan with an airport in Iowa as its destination.

Initial reports indicate that the pilot received air traffic control services and had requested to descend from 10,000 feet msl to 8000 feet. There were no further radio communications between the pilot and air traffic control, nor were there any distress calls by the pilot.

The accident site was located in a tree line, between a grass field and a corn field. The wreckage path’s initial impact point was a ground scar consistent with a ground contact by the right wing tip, followed by signatures of additional ground impacts, before the airplane collided with a large tree.


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