May 15, 2005, Boca Raton, Fla. / BAC 167 Strikemaster MK83


The aircraft collided with a fence at about 0916 Eastern time during an aborted takeoff from the Boca Raton Airport. Visual conditions prevailed. The airplane was substantially damaged; the Commercial pilot and the pilot-rated passenger were not injured. The pilot stated he performed a flight control continuity check before taxiing onto the runway for takeoff. During the takeoff roll and at the calculated rotation speed (70 knots), he applied back pressure to the control column but the elevator control stuck in position. The takeoff roll continued and he performed trim adjustments, and moved the flap selector without any effect. He then aborted the takeoff by applying maximum braking and the speed brakes, and opened the canopy just before coming to rest. The airplane rolled through a fence and came to rest upright. Preliminary examination revealed the control column would only move aft between and inch.


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