May 2, 2008, McCall, Idaho, Cessna 172/Cessna 172


At about 1950 Mountain time the two airplanes collided in flight over the approach end of runway 34 at the McCall Municipal Airport. Both airplanes were destroyed in the collision, uncontrolled descent and post-crash fire. Of the four occupants aboard one airplane, the private pilot and two passengers were killed; the third passenger received serious injuries. The commercial pilot and passenger aboard the other airplane sustained minor injuries. Both airplanes were ending cross-country flights; visual meteorological conditions prevailed.

The surviving pilot reported entering a left downwind from the 45, making a radio call as he entered the traffic pattern. As he reduced power abeam the numbers, he made another radio call, followed by a third one on base. After turning final, he radioed his intention to land long. Approximately 30 feet above the runway; he flared for landing, which was immediately followed by the collision.


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