May 23, 2006, St. Augustine, Fla. / Cessna 172S


The airplane experienced a failure of the crankshaft and separation of the propeller and propeller flange shortly after takeoff at about 1258 Eastern time. Visual conditions prevailed. The airplane was not damaged and the Commercial pilot was not injured. The pilot stated that he was ferrying the airplane; another pilot had performed a precautionary landing the day before after experiencing a rough-running engine. The pilot performed a preflight inspection and several engine run-ups; no discrepancies were noted. At 500 feet during the initial climb, engine rpm decreased from 2390 to 2200. The pilot then heard a loud noise, noted vibration of the engine and engine cowling, and performed an uneventful forced landing on a taxiway. Preliminary examination revealed the crankshaft fractured inside the crankcase. The separated propeller with section of propeller flange was found on a nearby runway.


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