May 7, 2008, Louisville, Ky., Cessna 182L


At 0937 Eastern time the airplane crashed into a residential area and was substantially damaged. Visual conditions prevailed; the solo private pilot received serious injuries.

About 10 miles from his departure airport, the engine started running rough, and the pilot turned back to the airport. While on short final, the engine stopped and he made a forced landing in the backyard of a private residence. Post-crash examination of the engine revealed the No. 1 and No. 2 connecting rods were broken and came through the top of the aft section of the engine case and the No. 5 piston had failed. The factory-rebuilt engine was installed in 1992 but had accumulated less than 1000 hours. All cylinders except Nos. 4 and 5 had been replaced since the rebuilt engine was put into service.

Approximately 20 gallons of fuel were defueled from the wings. The airframe and flight control system components revealed no evidence of pre-impact mechanical malfunction.


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