November 09, Wooster, Ohio / Cessna 150 and Cessna 150


At 1530 eastern time, a Cessna 150M and a Cessna 150K collided at the Wayne County Airport in Wooster. The Cessna 150K, which was taking off, was substantially damaged and the Cessna 150M, which was landing, was not damaged. The student pilot in the Cessna 150M and the flight instructor and student pilot in the Cessna 150K were not injured. Both airplanes were on local instructional flights and both reported making position announcements on the CTAF. The Cessna 150K entered the pattern and landed after a third airplane that had approached the airport on a straight-in instrument approach followed by a touch and go. According to the CFI in the Cessna 150K, they heard the pilot of the Cessna 150M announce her base leg while they were on short final. The airplanes collided while the Cessna 150K was beginning the takeoff portion of its touch and go. The student pilot in the Cessna 150M reported seeing an airplane in front of her, and extending her downwind for spacing. She saw an airplane land and continued her approach. As the Cessna 150M landed, it struck the tail of the Cessna 150K that was still on the runway.


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