November 12, 2004, Paint Lick, Ky. / Cessna P210


At 1147 Eastern time, the airplae was destroyed during a forced landing attempt. The Commercial pilot was fatally injured. Instrument conditions prevailed for the flight between Talladega, Ala., and Columbus, Ohio. While in cruise at FL190, the pilot reported a loss of cabin pressure, and thought he had a turbocharger problem. After a descent and changes in heading, the pilot stated, Were declaring an emergency, Ive got low oil pressure, I need the closest airport. The controller advised that Madison County Airport (I39) was 12 miles north. At this point, the airplane was at 12,300 feet. Subsequently, the controller advised the pilot that the airplane was over the airport at 7200 feet. The airplanes last recorded altitude was 1600 feet msl, about 600 feet above terrain. The airplane wreckage was located about 1 nm southwest of the Madison County Airport. There was a six-inch-diameter hole in the top of the engine, between the number five and number six cylinders.


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