October 04, Sargent, Texas / Cessna 150


At 13:05 central time, a Cessna 150G crashed after takeoff from a private strip near Sargent, killing the pilot. The flight was originating at the time, destined for Baycity, Texas. A witness said the pilot had tried to start the airplane a week earlier, but the engine ran very roughly. On the day of the accident, the owner of the airstrip helped the pilot pull the airplane out of mud in which it had become stuck. It was raining heavily at the time, and the pilot did not perform a preflight inspection or runup. The airplane took off and climbed to about 100 feet agl when it stalled and spun to the ground. Witnesses said the weather conditions at the time were a thunderstorm. Initial investigation showed the airplane was fueled with auto fuel and cylinder compressions were weak. Further engine analysis is planned.


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