October 23, Dubuque, Iowa / Beech Baron


At 05:22 central time, a Beech 58 crashed 1 miles short while on the localizer approach to runway 31 at Dubuque Regional Airport, killing the pilot. The pilot had reported for duty at 2 p.m. the day before and flew seven legs under Part 135. The accident flight was a Part 91 positioning flight. The glideslope had been decommissioned Aug. 13, but the pilot was aware of that. The pilots kneeboard showed he was given the 04:55 weather, with a few clouds at 100 feet, overcast 500 feet, visibility -mile in fog. Shortly before the accident, observed weather had deteriorated, with the clouds at 100 feet becoming a broken layer. The published approachs minimum descent altitude of 1,540 gives a height above touchdown point of 478 feet.


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