October 27, Coral Springs, Fla. / Two Cessna 172s


At about 1330 eastern time, a Cessna 172M, N9840V, and a Cessna 172N, N6101F, collided while in cruise flight near Coral Springs. N9840V was destroyed, and the private-rated student and flight instructor were killed. N6101F incurred substantial damage, and the private-rated dual student and the commercial-rated flight instructor in N6101F were able to make a successful forced landing without injuries. Both flights originated from Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport about 45 minutes earlier. The two airplanes were in a practice area that included the transmission tower for an AM radio station that some instructors use for ADF training. The surviving student pilot said they were receiving fluctuations in the AM radio signal on the ADF receiver that indicated they were very close to the station when the two airplanes collided. The collision occurred despite evasive action by the occupants of both airplanes.


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