Sept. 17, Prescott, Ariz. / Piper Warrior


At 15:18 mountain time, a Piper PA-28-161 lost power and collided with objects on the ground during the ensuing forced landing about four miles northwest of Ernest A. Love Field Airport. The pilot and passenger were not injured. The pilot was flying from Mariposa, Calif., to Mesa, Ariz., with a fuel stop in Prescott. He calculated the leg to Prescott would take 4 hours 15 minutes. When he arrived in the area, the pilot informed the Prescott tower he was low on fuel. About five minutes later, he informed the tower that he was out of fuel. He attempted to land on Highway 89, but traffic was too heavy. He then made an emergency landing in a shrub-covered area, where the airplane lost its gear and nav lights, the wing spars were broken and the airplane nosed over.


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