Sept. 25, Conroe, Texas / Space Walker II


At 17:15 CDT, a homebuilt Space Walker II crashed after an in-flight separation of the left wing in level flight at the Montgomery County Airport. The pilot and passenger were killed. The airplanes owner said he and the pilot performed two takeoffs and landings on runway 14. Then the owner got out, the accident pilot moved to the aft seat and the passenger took the front seat. The owner assisted the passenger in securing his three-point safety harness and briefed the passenger to remain clear of the flight controls. The pilot took off and flew back over the airport. The owner said the airplane was in level flight at 1,500 feet agl when the left wing broke away and fuselage did snap rotation to left. The Unicom operator, who witnessed the accident, reported that the plane rocked slightly from left to right, then pitched up and down before the wing separated. The left wing was found 1,145 feet from the main wreckage. Total time on the aircraft was about 115 hours.


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