Sept. 7, Elmer, N.J. / Cessna Cardinal RG


At 10:00 eastern time, a Cessna 177RG was substantially damaged while landing at a private airstrip in Elmer. Neither occupant was injured. The CFI on board said the pilot wanted to take the airplane to Cross Keys to have the transponder inspected and then complete a biennial flight review. During the course of the review, the instructor told the pilot to conduct a power off landing at Elmer. The pilot made a continuous turn from downwind to final, lowering the landing gear and selecting two notches of flaps. When the airplane was about 10 feet above the runway, the pilot commented they were going to hit a little hard. The instructor responded by telling the pilot to add a little power. The pilot advanced the throttle to full open. The airplane turned left, the left wing contacted corn next to the runway and the airplane struck the ground.


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