September 06, Winder, Ga. / Beech Baron


At 1420 eastern time, a Beech BE-55 crashed while the pilot was attempting to return to the airport shortly after taking off from Winder Barrow Airport. The pilot was killed. A pilot waiting for takeoff behind the accident airplane stated the accident pilot departed from runway 05. The airplane became airborne just past taxiway C intersection. The airplane reached about 10 feet when the nose dropped abruptly to the right and the right main landing gear touched down on the runway followed by tire smoke. He observed a dark shape on the right side of the airplane and figured the cockpit door had opened. The airplane bounced back into the air and went to the right over the grass. The airplane remained between 20 to 50 feet high and slowly cleared a tree line beyond the end of the runway. The airplane started a shallow crosswind turn to the left, nose high at a slow airspeed. He called the accident pilot on the Unicom frequency and the accident pilot said, I got problems and I am going to make an emergency landing. He later broadcast I am not going to make it and the airplane crashed into trees.


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