September 15, 2004, Magee, Mississippi / Cessna 336


The Student pilot and three non-rated passengers were killed when the twin-engine airplane crashed in night visual conditions at about 0250 Central time. The flight originated in Atmore, Ala., earlier the same morning; a search for the airplane and its occupants was not initiated until September 25, 2004, when a family member contacted local law enforcement. The accident airplane was discovered on October 4 , 2004, by the Mississippi Wing of the Civil Air Patrol. The Student pilot had accumulated a total of 96.5 flight hours, of which about 43.3 flight hours were in the same make and model airplane as the accident airplane. In addition, records showed that the pilot had a total of 3.4 hours of night flight experience, all in the accident airplane, and he had no current endorsements, or flight experience for the previous 90 days. The Student pilot/owner reportedly was attempting to avoid Hurricane Ivan, since the airplane was not insured.


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