September 19, 2014, Piscataquis County, Maine Cessna 180B


The float-equipped airplane was substantially damaged at 1630 Eastern time during a forced landing following a total loss of engine power. The private pilot/owner and passenger sustained minor injuries. Visual conditions prevailed.

The pilot subsequently reported he was maneuvering at about 2500 feet when he heard a “slight squeal” from the engine before it started to sputter. At about 1500 feet during the subsequent descent, the engine and propeller “completely stopped.” The pilot selected an unpaved road in the woods for the forced landing. The right wing struck a tree about 60 feet agl and the airplane impacted the road, resulting in substantial damage to both wings, the fuselage and empennage. Borescope examination of the number 3 cylinder revealed its exhaust valve was fractured at the stem and the top of the piston was damaged.


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