September 21, 2014, Homosassa, Fla. Grumman American AA-5A


At about 1205 Eastern time, the airplane was substantially damaged during a forced landing following a partial loss of engine power during cruise flight. The private pilot was not injured, but the pilot-rated-passenger incurred minor injuries. Visual conditions prevailed.

During cruise flight at about 1500 feet msl, the engine began to intermittently run rough. The engine power loss became more consistent and the pilot was unable to maintain altitude. He attempted to divert to a nearby airport while the pilot-rated-passenger tried to restore engine power but the airplane would not glide that far.

The airplane collided with powerlines and impacted the field before coming to rest upright. Post-accident examination revealed damage to the wing spars. Further examination of the airplane, including the engine, was planned following its recovery from the field.


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