September 3, 2014, Cortez, Colo. Piper PA-46-350P (JetProp Deluxe)


At about 1238 Mountain time the turboprop airplane was substantially damaged while landing. The commercial pilot receiving instruction and his flight instructor sustained minor injuries. Visual conditions prevailed.

Following several uneventful landings, the two simulated loss of engine power following takeoff and a turn back to the departure runway. At 1200 feet agl, the instructor reduced engine power to flight idle and feathered the propeller.

The pilot reduced pitch and rolled into a 45-degree left turn back toward the airport, then rolled wings-level when the airplane was heading toward the runway numbers. At about 40 feet agl over the runway, the flight instructor decided to abort the maneuver, advanced the power lever to the full-forward position and increased airplane pitch to arrest the descent. There was no increase in thrust, however, and the airplane stalled about 30 feet above the runway. The main wing spar and fuselage were substantially damaged during the impact sequence.


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