September 9, 2012, Kansasville, Wis., Beech A36 Bonanza


The airplane was substantially damaged when it impacted terrain at 1153 Central time. The pilot was fatally injured. Visual conditions prevailed for the flight, which was operated on an IFR flight plan.

At 1146, the flight established contact with the Milwaukee Tracon while en route and cruising at 6000 feet msl. At 1148, the flight was cleared direct to its destination. At about 1152, radar contact with the accident airplane was lost. The pilot did not advise ATC of any anomalies prior to the loss of contact.

A witness observed the airplane on a north-northwest course when it “tipped forward” and descended into the ground. The airplane appeared to be intact at the time, and the witness did not recall seeing any flames or smoke prior to impact. Several additional witnesses reported observing the airplane in a steep nose-down attitude prior to impact.


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