The following information is derived from the FAAs Service Difficulty Reports and Aviation Maintenance Alerts.


Cessna 201L Centurion
False Actuator Activation
The left main gear downlock actuator failed while the airplane was airborne and the landing gear was in the up position. Since the lock collapsed into its locked position before the gear was down, the left main gear was out of sequence. The result was that the pilot followed the flight manual procedure of pumping the gear fully up and then making an emergency gear-up landing.
Part total time: 3379 hours

Cessna 172RG Cutlass RG
Cracked Landing Gear Actuator
During descent, a loud noise was heard at landing gear extension. On investigation, the right main landing gear actuator was found cracked. Part was replaced and aircraft returned to service.
Part total time: 9100 hours

Mooney M20R
Missing Fasteners
During routine inspection, the landing gear actuator was excessively noisy when the landing gear was retracted and extended. Examination revealed the (internal) bolts securing the retainer plate for the no back spring were missing. A new actuator was installed.
Part total time: 564 hours

Learjet Model 35A
Malfunctioning Landing Gear
On approach into KDPA, crew had no right gear down and lock light. Blew the gear down and landed, no problems. Removed and replaced defective landing gear actuator; ops checks good.
Part total time: 13,329 hours

Cessna 152
Flap Malfunction
On a walkaround, the wing flaps were found to extend very slowly with an audible grinding noise. Inspection revealed the flap actuator had a worn input shaft and failed coupler to the electric motor. The actuator was replaced.
Part total time: 8737 hours

Robinson R22
Inoperative Belt Tensioner
During scheduled inspection, belt tension actuator (p/n A051-1) would not operate properly. Inline fuse for electric gear motor assembly (p/n A051-2) found blown. Troubleshooting indicated an electrical short inside the gear motor housing. Could not identify the source of the electrical short. A new gear motor assembly was installed.
Part total time: 403 hours

Pilatus PC12-47
Failed Aileron Trim
During ops check of aileron trim system, trim tab actuator would not stop running when trim reached full left-roll position. Replaced trim actuator-ops check good. Removed actuator; inspection revealed end cap at extension rod end to be dislodged from case. Rod housing was protruding from motor assembly, which pushed end cap off of housing.
Part total time: 1060 hours


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