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The following information is derived from the FAA's Service Difficulty Recports and Aviation Maintenance Alerts.


Beechcraft Model 200 Super King Air
Failed Landing Gear Motor
After takeoff, crew selected gear lever to up. Gear traveled halfway up and stopped. Crew selected holding area and ran checklist, manually lowering gear, followed by normal landing. Inspection revealed landing gear motor had failed and tripped the 60-amp circuit breaker under the floor. Motor was repaired and ops check was good.
Part Total Time: 9452.0 hours

Cessna Model 560 Citation V
Failed Air Conditioning Motor
While fueling aircraft with a GPU connected, white smoke began billowing from in front of the single-point refueling door. Inspected the hell hole and found the vapor cycle unit smoking profusely; no flames or scorching noted. Replaced inoperative drive motor and compressor, along with new dryer.
Part Total Time: 7198.0 hours

Cirrus SR22
Failed Aileron Trim
Pilot reported autopilot inoperative and ailerons flopping around. Inspection revealed the roll/aileron trim motor actuator arm bungee sheared at motor drive shaft end.
Part Total Time: 1459.0 hours

Diamond DA42 Twin Star
Grease-Contaminated Stick Limiter
Stick limiter replaced due to noisy/intermittent operation. Unit was disassembled and motor brushes found contaminated with grease. Grease passed through seal from mechanical section to electrical side.
Part Total Time: 714.0 hours

Piaggio P.180 Avanti
Failed Hydraulic Pump Motor

En route, hyd press annunciator activated. Pressure was 3000 psi, then went to zero. Ran the checklist; pressure came up and went back to zero intermittently. Crew elected to divert, after which pressure went to 3000 psi and remained, even after switching pump to off. Emergency declared, gear lowered manually. Normal landing except for no brakes or steering. Troubleshooting revealed electric pump motor failed. Replaced with new unit.
Part Total Time: 85.0 hours

Pilatus PC12-45
Faulty Hydraulic Power Pack
Hydraulic caution illuminated on gear retraction; landing gear did not retract. The hydraulic power pack motor was found to be faulty. The motor was replaced and landing gear retractions and extensions performed with no further faults.
Part Total Time: 5530.0 hours

Piper PA-24-250 Comanche 250
Burned Out Fuel Pump Motor
Electric fuel pump failed, causing smoke and burning smell in aircraft. Fuel pump is located below copilot floor panels. Event flight was pattern work, where pump was left on for about 30 minutes. This pump was recently overhauled.
Part Total Time: 27.2 hours


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