AMOC For Cessna 150/152s

The following information is derived from the FAA’s Service Difficulty Reports and Aviation Maintenance Alerts.


Beechcraft B58 Baron
Loose Elevator Balance Weights

During an annual inspection, technicians found the l/h elevator balance weight (p/n 96-610022-7) detached from its mount. The r/h elevator balance weight was found both broken and loose on its mount. The detached l/h weight was able to shift position inside the elevator and cause an out-of-balance condition. This damage appears to be caused by vibration.

Part Total Time: 1349.9 hours

Beechcraft 200 King Air
Cracked Spar Attach Fitting

While accomplishing a wing bolt inspection, the l/h lower wing spar attach shear fitting (p/n 1011100731) was found cracked. This crack is approximately 0.75 inches long and located in the forward flange area.

Part Total Time: 13141.0 hours

Cessna 150/152
AMOC For AD 2011-10-09


The FAA has provided a Global Alternate Method of Compliance (Global AMOC) letter to Airworthiness Directive (AD) 2011-10-09 allowing repairs to the steel seat foot/roller housings on Cessna 150 and 152 airplanes using Cessna Repair Definition document S-150-ATA25-01RD, Revision A, dated August 3, 2011. The FAA states the AMOC is necessary since the effected parts cannot easily be removed from the seat and replaced.

For further information contact: Gary Park, FAA Wichita Aircraft Certification Office, 1801 Airport Road, Room 100, Wichita, KS 67209, telephone 316-946-4123.

Part Total Time: (n/a)

Piper PA-28R-180 Cherokee Arrow
Corroded Spar Attach Fittings

During repair of the left wing, the aft spar attach fitting (p/n 62054-000) was removed. Severe corrosion was found under the fitting. Possible cause is trapped moisture, lack of preventing treatment(s) and lack of proper inspection of the area.

Part Total Time: 4491.8 hours

Lycoming LTIO-540-J2BD
Failed Turbocharger

After landing, smoke was noticed exiting the rear of the right engine. The turbocharger (p/n: LW12463W) main bearing had failed, allowing the impeller to hit the housing, causing it to lose blades. Oil escaped through the seals on the compressor’s turbine side, causing fire and smoke. There was no external fire in the engine compartment. The fire was contained within the exhaust system and there was no visible fire damage when the engine was inspected.
Part Total Time: 1685.0 hours


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