Beechcraft Model 58 Baron
Broken Gear Selector Wiring
Aircraft departed but pilot could not retract landing gear. Pilot diverted to nearby airport without problems. Maintenance found a broken wire at the gear selector switch. Repaired wire, ops checks good.
Part Total Time: 15,557 hours

Cirrus SR20
Failed Magneto
While taxiing to ramp after a flight, engine vibrated and misfired at or below 1000 rpm. Problem traced to right magneto. Examination revealed the coils primary lead to the points had broken. Coil lead wire had not been crimped properly.
Part Total Time: 1148 hours

Extra EA400
Melted Cables
Analog electric tachometer displayed full-scale deflection when power selected on, accompanied by low reading on EGT. Problem traced to routing of both cables through a firesleeve over the Continental TSIOL-550-Cs turbocharger. The firesleeve had burned away, allowing both data cables to melt. Probably satisfactory on an air-cooled engine, but not on a closely cowled, water-cooled engine.
Part Total Time: 159 hours

Piper PA-44-180 Seminole
Broken Downlock Switch Wiring
Right main landing gear did not indicate down and locked. Found downlock switch to have broken wire at the point where wires exit the switch. This was caused by repeated movement of the wire during retraction and extension.
Part Total Time: 262 hours

Beechcraft Model A36 Bonanza
Chafed Nav Light Wire
Navigation light breaker switch popped in flight and would not reset. Troubleshooting revealed a short in the right wings wiring at approximate wing station 162.5. A new wire was pulled through to replace the old one. Time in service was a factor. Also, the wire lays in a stringer channel and has no other means of support other than glued-in strips at various intervals to keep the wire in the channel. There should be a plastic conduit tubing for this wire to run through.
Part Total Time: unknown

Cessna 172M Skyhawk
Burned Overvoltage Light Wire
During routine inspection, the wire to overvoltage warning light was found burned. Cause traced to failure of a butt splice, which exposed the bare wire and caused a short. The burned section of wire was replaced.
Part Total Time: unknown


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