Failed, Broken, Leaking

The following information is derived from the FAA’s Service Difficulty Reports and Aviation Maintenance Alerts.


Cessna 150E
Failed Muffler
The pilot observed smoke in the cockpit, declared an emergency and landed normally. On inspection, the  muffler’s aft wall was missing and exhaust was directed onto the battery box, which melted the battery and battery contactor, clock fuse holder, both battery cables and boots. Also, the gascolator push/pull control knob was melted and all wiring into the engine compartment was destroyed. The owner recalls the engine backfiring when a student performed ignition test at high rpm.
Part Total Time: 3228 hours


Beechcraft  F33A Bonanza
Failed Dynamic Brake Relay
Pilot reported smoke in the cockpit after the landing gear was fully extended and landed safely. Inspection revealed the dynamic brake relay did not turn off the landing gear motor when the gear was fully extended, causing gear motor to overheat and smoke.
Part Total Time: Unknown

Beechcraft P35 Bonanza
Failed Nosegear Rod End
During gear retraction after takeoff, the pilot heard a loud bang. Gear indicated up and locked. On landing, normal gear down and locked indications were observed. At touchdown, the nose gear collapsed and the propeller struck the runway. Inspection revealed the forward rod end bearing on the extend/retract rod failed, disconnecting the rod from the landing gear.
Part Total Time: 3613 hours

Continental IO-550-N
Broken Fuel Injector
During takeoff, engine ran rough and the pilot returned for a landing. Aircraft was inspected, spark plugs were cleaned and a test run noted no anomalies. On the next takeoff, the engine started running rough again and the pilot returned to the airport. Upon another inspection, the number one cylinder fuel injector was found broken in half.
Part Total Time: 23 hours

Lycoming O-320-H2AD
Leaking Front Crankshaft Seal
The front crankshaft oil seal on this engine installed in a Cessna 172N was determined to be leaking, and allowing oil to drip into cabin heat exchanger on muffler, which was the source of a smoke odor. The seal was replaced and the aircraft returned to service without further discrepancies.
Part Total Time: 1672 hours

Piper PA-28-140
Corroded Flap Ribs
During an annual inspection, the outboard rib on the right flap had was discovered to have excessive corrosion. After unriveting the leading edge skin, it was discovered that all the ribs were corroded beyond repair. The flap was scrapped for a serviceable unit.
Part Total Time: 5500 hours


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