High and Low Time

The following information is derived from the FAAs Service Difficulty Re-ports and Aviation Maintenance Alerts.


Cessna 152

Broken Flap Cable

“On final,” states an unidentified submitter, “the student selected 30 degrees flaps; a loud pop was heard, the r/h flap came down to 30 degrees, but there was no movement at the l/h flap. The aircraft landed without incident. Investigation revealed the swaged ball end broke from the remaining cable (p/n 0400107-146).” The submitter suspects high time and cycles as contributing factors to the failure.

Part Total Time: 12,872.0 hours.

Beech A36 Bonanza

Loose Autopilot Connecting Rod

A submitter writes, “The autopilot hook-up rod should be tightened up or removed from the aircraft at the factory. This is the second aircraft in one week (in which) this rod (and/or its attachment nuts) has been found loose.” The elevator control bell crank is p/n 002-524024-51.

Part Total Time: 140.0 hours.

Piper PA34-200

Worn Landing Gear Mount Holes

Aviation Maintenance Alerts


A technician wrote, “The main landing gear pivot casting (forward trunnion fitting assembly) attach hardware continually comes loose, allowing chafing between the casting and the wing spar, and enlarging the attach bolt holes in (both) the casting and the spar.” The attachment holes in the casting and spar were reamed to accept AN5 bolts rather than the original AN4. The original nut-plates on the forward side of the wing spar (MS21047) do not seem to adequately accept the stresses imposed on them and are likely the leading factor in the continual loosening of the casting. They were replaced with MS21078-5 nut-plates which provide more strength and help prevent the attach bolts from loosening.

“We operate a fleet of PA34-200, -200T, and -220T Senecas. The -200 and -200T have exhibited the same tendency regarding the loosening of the forward pivot casting attach hardware. (I) suggest inspecting the pivot casting attach hardware regularly and replacing hardware as stated above.”

Part Total Time: 5966.6 hours.

Cessna R172E

Cracked Main Landing Gear Actuator

While complying with Service Bulletin number SEB01-2 R1, a technician found the large bore of the MLG actuator cracked. The submitter provided actuator p/n 9882015-2.

Part Total Time: Unknown.

Cessna T207A

Horizontal Stabilizer Attach Fitting

A technician states, “The pilot found the horizontal stabilizer loose on preflight. Inspection revealed the r/h forward attachment fitting broken. Both forward fittings (p/n 1232013-2F) were replaced with new parts.

Part Total Time: 14,703.8 hours.


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