Cub Crafters CC18-180 Top Cub
Missing Aileron System Cotter Pin
Discovered right aileron cable-to-bellcrank attach bolt nut missing its cotter key (p/n MS24665). Nut was still present.
Part Total Time: 27.0 hours

Cub Crafters CC18-180 Top Cub
Missing Elevator System Cotter Pin
During inspection of new aircraft for contract compliance verification, discovered up elevator cable-to-elevator bellcrank attach bolt nut (castellated nut) missing its cotter key. Nut was still present but appeared to have backed off 1.0 to 1.5 turns.
Part Total Time: 24.0 hours

Piper PA-32-300 Cherokee Six
Failed Throttle Control Linkage
Crew lost control of power settings due to separation of engine control rod end from power lever. Cause of separation was failure of cotter pin retaining clevis pin between cable end and power lever. Subsequent NTSB report disclosed cotter pin considered to be improper size, with one of the two retention tangs broken at root of the pin. The remaining tang was not bent enough to retain pin. Improper installation methods suspected.
Part Total Time: Unknown

Piper PA-46-500TP Malibu Meridian
Missing NLG Cotter Pin
Owner noticed a vibration shortly after landing. Found nose landing gear center torque link hardware missing and nosewheel misaligned. Upon complete inspection of NLG assembly, found bolt, nut, washer and cotter key missing from center torque link. The NLG tire was lightly flat-spotted.
Part Total Time: 18.0 hours

Beechcraft Model 76 Duchess
Failed Propeller Control
Left propeller feathered in-flight for training. Crew was unable to unfeather propeller. Found clevis pin missing on left propeller control arm at control quadrant. Also found evidence of wear at left and right prop control arms, caused by feathering detent spring. Suspect the cotter pin on left clevis pin was damaged, then worn through by detent spring, causing the cotter pin to fail and allowing the clevis pin to fall out.
Recommend that the cotter pin be installed pointing toward the left side of the prop control arm to avoid contact with feathering detent spring.
Part Total Time: 5566.0 hours

Beechcraft Model B35 Bonanza
Collapsed Landing Gear
The cotter pin was not installed in the clevis pin at the outboard end of the landing gear actuator rod. This allowed the rod to separate from the linkage and the landing gear to collapse. The clevis pin was recovered and there was no indication a cotter pin had ever been installed-the hole was full of dirt and rust.
Part Total Time: 2785.0 hours


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