Rivets And More

The following information is derived from the FAAs Service Difficulty Reports and Aviation Maintenance Alerts.


Cessna 172R

Chafing Flap Motor Wire Bundle

During a scheduled inspection, the wire bundle mount (p/n S2606-2) holding the flap motor wire harness was found detached from the rib in the right wing, allowing the wire


bundle to chafe into the inspection panel support on the wing. The wire bundle had two wires which were chafed completely through the insulation, allowing contact with the inspection panel support. Inspecting these mounts and replacing them as needed is recommended.

Part Total Time: 4073.5 hours.

Cessna 208B

Elevator Torque Tube Inspection

The FAAs Wichita Certification Office reminds operators and maintenance technicians to perform the prescribed inspections of Chapter 5 of the Cessna maintenance manual with specific emphasis of Item Code Number 273001. This elevator inspection is required every 100 hours. Maintenance technicians are alerted to the maintenance concerning rivets that are common to the 2634017-1 Elevator Torque Tube Assembly and 26344017-2 flange.

Part Total Time: (n/a)

Slick Magneto 6351

Improperly Spaced Distributor Gear

During an internal magneto inspection the spot-faced areas for the terminal poles in the distributor block were found incorrectly finished. The material left behind has the same loft as the bearing boss area on the distributor block. This spacing problem causes the finger on the distributor gear to rub on the distributor block, p/n M3820.

Part Total Time: 16.9 hours

Slick Magneto 4371

Unseated Rotor Gear

The Cessna 172S powered by a Lycoming IO-360-L2A had intermittent left magneto operation during the ground run-up procedure. The magneto was removed for inspection. The rotor was found unseated from the rotor shaft, causing the rotor gears lip to be ground up by the distributor block gear. The lip material was found throughout the inside of the magneto housing. The right magneto was inspected and the same condition was found. Both magnetos had factory torque seal applied to the top cover screws.

Part Total Time: 466.1 hours

Bendix Magneto S6RN-1208

Broken Contactor Rivet

A broken contact breaker was found during troubleshooting of an ignition problem on a Bellanca 17-31ATC. The contactor rivet was broken in this Bendix Magneto. The submitter speculates this rivet may be of insufficient size/strength to properly hold the contactor in place.

Part Total Time: (unknown)


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