The following information is derived from the FAAs Service Difficulty Reports and Aviation Maintenance Alerts.


Multiple Beech Models

Cracked Flap Leading Edge Nose Rib

A technician submitted discrepancy reports for the same problem in six different aircraft undergoing annual inspection. Aircraft included an F33A Bonanza, V35B Bonanza, A36 Bonanza, a Model 55 Baron and two B95 Travel Airs. Of these six aircraft, total times ranged from 3144.9 to 5255.1 hours.

Flap Cracks


The FAA noted, “This is awfully good anecdotal evidence arguing for close attention to these actuation attach points after a couple thousand hours.”

Part Total Time: Various.

Multiple Cessna Models

Main Landing Gear Fatigue

The FAAs Wichita Aircraft Certification Office conducted statistical analyses indicating fatigue failure of the landing gear spring struts on certain Cessna aircraft, including all 100 and 200 series, plus the 336/337 models. According to these analyses, the spring struts, axles and associated hardware on these aircraft need to be visually inspected at or before 1400 flight hours, and at 100-hour or annual intervals thereafter. The inspections target corrosion, pitting and cracking on gear springs, particularly those airplanes having had skis installed and/or having been operated on unimproved runways.

Cessna 208B

Leaking Brake Casting(s)

The main casting housing the brake caliper pistons reportedly leaks fluid under normal braking pressures. The leaks result from excessive porosity in the casting. The operator reports this is the second occurrence it has found. The brake caliper housing is p/n 160-11800; the caliper assembly is by Cleveland, p/n 163030-1001.

Part Total Time: 194.6 hours.

Cessna 172S

Chafed Fuel Line

A technician found the return fuel line to the reservoir (p/n 0500118-49) worn from rubbing on the nose steering rod just behind the firewall. A new line was installed in such a manner so as not to rub on the rod, and spiral wrap also was installed. The technician noted the fuel line was worn to the point of leaking, and recommends inspecting new Cessna aircraft for proper fuel line installation.

Part Total Time: Unknown

Diamond DA40F

Cabin Door Separation

The aft cabin door assembly separated during flight. The aircraft landed safely at the departure airport. The door was recovered and the aft door latch pin was observed not engaged. The front door latch pin was properly engaged and the door latch was closed.

Upon disassembly, the aft door latch rod was observed detached from the latch mechanism. The attachment clip (item number 215 in the parts book) was bent, allowing the rod to become separated from the latch.

Part Total Time: 212.1 hours.


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