Squawk Box: 05/05


Piper PA18
Tail Wheel Spring Assembly

On the landing roll-out, the aircraft drifted to the left and went into soft ground, coming to rest on its nose. Subsequent inspection found the r/h tailwheel-link assembly to have a partially straightened link (p/n 472681), causing the assembly failure.Part Total Time: Unknown.

Piper PA24
Leaking Landing Gear Strut

Type 5606 hydraulic fluid was found leaking from the right main landing gear strut housing (p/n 27053-01). Inspection found the 4130 steel gear door attachment had created dissimilar metal corrosion, which was the probable cause for the pinhole leak. The mechanic recommends periodic removal and inspection of the steel door attachment to help prevent future occurrences.Part Total Time: 4000.0 hours.

Teledyne Continental Motors IO-240B
Fuel Pump Pressure

A mechanic reports having to make frequent adjustments to this engines original fuel pump (p/n 65335-385). A new pump was installed as a solution. He describes setting the pressure values in accordance with Continentals SB97-3B. These values held for seven months. Thereafter, adjustments had to be made approximately once every few weeks. The engine is mounted on a Diamond DA-20C1 aircraft.Part Total Time: 43.0 hours.

Teledyne Continental Motors IO-520L
Worn Lifters/Tappets

Metal was found in the filter of a Cessna 210 during a scheduled oil change. The mechanic investigated further, found evidence the cylinder tappets (p/n 653877) were beginning to fail on the hydraulic lifters face and wrote, This condition can be a result of improper heat-treating.Part Total Time: 884.86.

Teledyne Continental Motors IO-550N
Worn Lifters/Tappets

During a recent Cirrus Service Center symposium, the problem of unairworthy lifters in the IO-550N and IO-360E was discussed. TCM engines have not been holding up well in these areas and … [an inspection] is recommended during scheduled maintenance. With 308.5 hours TTSN, we found three lifters spalled and pitted.Part Total Time: 308.5 hours.

Lycoming IO-540
Worn Lifters/Tappets

A small piece of metal was found in the oil strainer on a Socata TB20GT during a 100-hour inspection. Lab analysis determined the metal was part of a tappet body (p/n 72877). All cylinders were removed, and a piece from the number five inlet tappet body surface was confirmed missing. A …manufacturing defect… was offered as the probable cause.Part Total Time: 487.5 hours.

Continental TSIO-520
Cracked Crankshaft

A Cessna 414As right engine lost oil pressure and autofeathered. This was attributed to a spun bearing on the number two crankshaft journal. Further inspection revealed a crack in the crankshaft (p/n 649895) between the oil feed port and the number two journal bearing and a crack was also discovered on the number four journal.Part Total Time: 768.0 hours.


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