Squawk Box: 06/06


The following information is derived from the FAAs Service Difficulty Reports and Aviation Maintenance Alerts.


Sonerai Model II LT Experimental
Failed Canopy Latch Mechanism

During the investigation into an accident involving a Sonerai II Experimental aircraft, it was discovered that the canopy latch had no positive or over-center latch mechanism to prevent the canopy from coming open during flight. According to a post-accident interview with the pilot/builder, the canopy inadvertently came open in flight, causing loss of control-one factor contributing to the accident. This aircraft was substantially damaged and the pilot was seriously injured.The FAA admonishes those persons having similar latching mechanisms in their aircraft to facilitate a positive lock to this slide-type closure.Part Total Time: Unknown.

Beech F33A Bonanza
Cracked Vertical Stabilizer Fitting

The maintenance technician found a crack in the vertical stabilizers forward fitting of two aircraft during unscheduled maintenance. While inspecting the fittings, in preparation for reassembly, a crack was noticed emanating from the r/h lower mounting hole. The vertical stabilizer part number provided is 33-640000-615; its cracked fitting is p/n 33-640000-39.Part Total Times: 17,445.0 and 18,044.0 hours.

Cessna: 182/T182
Battery Box Tie-Down Failure

The FAA has received Service Difficulty Reports (SDR) from Australias Civil Aeronautics Safety Administration regarding failure of the support (p/n 0712059-1) for installing 24-volt batteries in Cessna 182 airplanes. In one report, both supports failed at 295 hours flight time since they were new.Beginning in 1989, seven similar reports were found in the FAA SDR database. The tie-downs were changed on the Cessna 182S, 182Tfs and T182T series airplanes to eliminate this problem. According to the FAA, the tie-down bolts hold the cover on the battery box. The bolts are to be snugly tightened. The self-locking mechanism used in the battery box does not require a lot of torque. If the bolts are tightened as described in the maintenance manual or FAA AC 43.13-1B, then the support angles under the battery box will fail.

Continental IO-520BA
Cracked Cylinder Head

The submitting technician stated the ECI (Engine Components, Inc.) cracked cylinder head is of the type A design and was found in the number-two position during a 100-hour inspection. Soapy water was used for leak checks during compression tests. The cylinder part numbers were not provided.Part Total Time: 497.0 hours.


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