Squawk Box: 07/05


The following information is derived from the FAAs Service Difficulty Reports and Aviation Maintenance Alerts.


Aeronca 7 AC
Cracked Wing Ribs

The submitter describes finding a crack in both the left and right wings number one rib located inboard of the ailerons. These ribs were …cracked along the radius of the attach tab where the rib is secured to the aft spar. This aircraft was subjected to years of prevailing winds quartering against the trailing edge of the left aileron. No gust locks were utilized. The ribs were repaired and wings recovered. The owner has erected a more suitable shelter.Part Total Time: unknown.

Aeronca;11 CC
Cracked Rear Wing Spar

A mechanic found a crack in the R/H wings aft spar (p/n 5-147). He states, This crack is running with the wood grain and (is) approximately 13 inches long. The crack is emanating left and right of center from the upper bolt-hole of the most inboard compression strut. After disassembly it was determined that the compression strut mount-bolt was previously over-tightened, causing crushing of the spar wood, which precipitated the crack in the spar.Part Total Time: 835.9 hours.

Beechcraft B-60
Fuel Quantity Transmitters

The submitting mechanic describes this aircrafts fuel quantity indicators registering a maximum of 35 gallons, even with the tanks full. He found the inboard and outboard leading-edge cell transmitters grounded to the airframe. Removal revealed p/n 330865 grommets deteriorated, allowing the transmitter case to touch the airframe. He recommends replacing these grommets with (any) fuel cell replacement, and also to use Beechcraft rubber gaskets (p/n 15-423) at the transmitters. He cautions, the …parts catalog does not show grommets at the transmitter installation.Part Total Time: 3198.1 hours.

Beechcraft (Raytheon) A200
Flap Extension Failure

A pilot describes selecting approach flaps while descending. The flaps failed to extend. Several attempts at resetting the circuit breaker and cycling the selector failed to produce flap movement. He made an uneventful, no-flaps landing. Troubleshooting revealed the left split-flap fuse had failed (p/n AGX-10). Both the fuse and its holder were replaced, resolving the discrepancy.Part Total Time: 400 hours.

Cessna 172E
Cracked Wing Spar

Replacement of a worn, L/H flap track assembly revealed a two-inch crack running through the aft attachment rivet holes of the spar (p/n 0523400-50). The mechanic believes a probable cause was flap overspeed during flight.Part Total Time: 15,628.63 hours.

Cessna 182T
Boost Pump Contamination

The technician inspected a Weldon Boost Pump (p/n A8160-D) and stated, Preliminary inspection of the pump revealed foreign material in the inlet port. Further inspection of the pump revealed the foreign material tried to pass through the pump and had locked the rotor in the insert.Part Total Time: 142 hours.


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