Squawk Box: 08/06


The following information is derived from the FAAs Service Difficulty Reports and Aviation Maintenance Alerts.


Beech Model 58 Baron
Deice System Contamination

During prolonged periods of operation in heavy precipitation considerable amounts of water enter into the pneumatic system, stated the mechanic. Inspection of the pneumatic system revealed large amounts of water being passed through the deice boot ejector. (Approximately five weeks later) the pneumatic system was (again) inspected and found to be contaminated with water. The flight crew reported (again) the aircraft (had been) operated for an extended period of time in heavy precipitation. The location of the pneumatic system inlet filters and the design of the guard allow impact water to enter into the pneumatic system. (I recommend) relocating the pneumatic system filter to an area behind the engine baffle assembly where it will not be subject to impact water.Part Total Time: (unknown).

Cessna 175B
Cracked Engine Mount Brackets

The aircraft experienced a hard landing. During the landing the two top engine mount attach brackets failed behind the firewall, allowing the top half of the firewall to fail, pulling forward and down about 18 inches. The engine mount attach bracket (p/n 0513132-11) fits onto the front of the hat channels. This same part-which has a hole in it for the engine mount bolt-had failed some time ago on the pilots top side. The bracket on the co-pilots top side had an existing crack in the center third-at the bolt hole. This aircraft had an STCd Continental IO-360 engine installed.Part Total Time: 2756.0 hours.

Diamond DA40-180
Cracked Exhaust Riser

A mechanic found a crack at the weld radius of a brand new exhaust riser for this aircrafts Lycoming IO-360 number two cylinder. This is the first crack seen on new risers sent to us, but we have had two in-service risers crack. Exhaust riser assembly p/n DA40-3.Part Total Time: 0.0 hours.

Grumman AA5-A
Collapsed Wing Fuel Tank

The right wing fuel tank collapsed during flight, stated the mechanic. A safe landing was made. We found the fuel tank vent line plugged with insect debris.Part Total Time: (n/a).

Mooney M20R
Burned Wire Insulation

While troubleshooting the recognition lights-which were on all the time-we found charred wire insulation in the wire harness feeding the overhead bank of switches that control exterior lighting. We traced the charred insulation to an overheat condition in the recognition light circuit. A sub-standard crimp on a wire terminal was repaired and the overheat condition was eliminated.Part Total Time: 170.0 hours.


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