Squawk Box: 09/04


The following information is derived from the FAAs Service Difficulty Reports and Aviation Maintenance Alerts.


Various The New Piper Aircraft Models
Control Yoke Attachment

The FAA has published a new Airworthiness Directive (AD 2004-14-12) for certain models manufactured by The New Piper Aircraft, Inc. (Piper). The models affected are PA-28-161, PA-28-181, PA-28R-201, PA-32R-301 (HP), PA-32R-301T, PA-32-301FT, PA-32-301XTC, PA-34-220T, PA-44-180, PA-46-350P, and PA-46-500TP airplanes. According to the FAA, the screw used to attach the control wheel to the control column is too short in some installations and the nut-plate does not have adequate locking features.On July 7, 2003, a Piper PA-28-181 crashed in the desert northeast of Phoenix, Ariz., after the pilot lost aileron and elevator control. Post-accident analysis revealed that the single MS24964-S59 screw on the left control wheel backed out of its nut plate and caused the control wheel to spin freely on the control column. Further investigation revealed the screw was too short and the nut plate lacked proper locking features to prevent the screw from backing out and becoming disengaged. In addition, the screw was installed on the bottom of the control wheel allowing it to fall out once it became disengaged.An investigation of sample fleets after the incident revealed that a large portion of the sampled airplanes had similar problems.The AD requires inspecting the control wheel attachment hardware for proper installation, replacement if required, adding Loctite thread-locking compound to the screw installation, and installing a retainer clip to the control wheel attachment. Airworthiness Directive 2004-14-12 is effective August 10, 2004, and comments on it must be received by the FAA no later than September 14, 2004.

Cessna 190 and 195 Airplanes
Inboard Aileron Hinge Brackets

A proposed Airworthiness Directive (AD) affects Cessna Models 190, 195, 195A, and 195B airplanes equipped with certain inboard aileron hinge brackets. The FAA has received several reports of cracks and corrosion on part number (P/N) 0322709 and P/N 0322709-1 inboard aileron hinge brackets on the listed aircraft. These inboard aileron hinge brackets are constructed of magnesium, which the FAA states is highly susceptible to corrosion.The proposed AD would require repetitive inspections of the affected inboard aileron hinge brackets for cracks or corrosion and replace them, if necessary, with brackets that are not made from magnesium. Replacement would terminate the repetitive inspections. The proposed AD is the result of several reports of cracks and corrosion found on the magnesium aileron hinge brackets. The FAA is seeking comments on the proposed AD not later than September 10, 2004.

Pilatus Aircraft Ltd. PC-12 and PC-12/45
Passenger Oxygen System

A Special Airworthiness Information Bulletin (SAIB) published by the FAA alerts owners and operators of Pilatus Aircraft Ltd. PC-12 and PC-12/45 airplanes with an executive interior and a six, seven, or eight-seat oxygen system with listed serial numbers that the Swiss have issued an Airworthiness Directive (AD) No. HB 2004-182, effective May 21, 2004. The Swiss AD requires inspection and modification of the passenger oxygen system in accordance with Pilatus PC-12 Mandatory Service Bulletin (SB) 35-004, dated December 19, 2003. The work should be accomplished at the next annual inspection for airplanes with less than 1500 hours time-in-service (TIS) or at the next 100-hour inspection for airplanes with more than 1500 hours TIS, but not later than December 31, 2004. According to the FAA, possible for chafing damage can occur due to insufficient clearance between the passenger oxygen pipe assemblies and some of the cabin lighting components in the headliner of airplanes with executive interiors.

Raytheon (Beech) MU-300 and 400 models
Spoiler Mixer Bay Drain Holes

The FAA is proposing a new AD for certain Raytheon (Beech) Model MU-300-10, 400, 400A, and 400T series airplanes; and certain Raytheon (Mitsubishi) Model Beech MU-300 airplanes. The proposed AD would require a one-time inspection of certain panels in the spoiler mixer bay for the presence of drain holes, the addition of at least one new drain hole and a one-time inspection for discrepancies of the sealant on the relief cutout on the aft pressure bulkhead, and on certain baffles. Corrective actions would be required, if necessary. This proposed AD is prompted by a report of fuel leaking from components in the spoiler mixer bay of several Raytheon (Beech) Model 400A series airplanes. We are proposing this AD to prevent the accumulation of fuel and/or fuel vapor in the spoiler mixer bay and/or the aft fuselage compartment. The deadline for comments on the proposal is September 7, 2004.


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