July 04, 2004, Paxton, Mass. / Cessna 150


The aircraft was substantially damaged during a forced landing in Paxton, Mass., at about 2100 local time; the Private pilot was not injured. Night visual conditions prevailed. According to an FAA inspector, the engine lost power, and the pilot force-landed about of a mile from Spencer Airports Runway 19. There was no sign of fuel leakage on either the airplane or the ground. The right fuel tank appeared to be empty, and the left fuel tank had a small, unknown quantity of fuel. When the airplane was moved into an upright position, 2.4 gallons of fuel were drained from the left wing, and 43 ounces of fuel were drained from the right wing. There was no fuel in the gascolater, and about a teaspoon of fuel was drained at the carburetor. The inspector noted the pilot stated that he might have run out of fuel. According to the airplanes owners manual, 1.75 gallons of fuel are unusable in each fuel tank.


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