Squawk Box: 09/06


The following information is derived from the FAAs Service Difficulty Reports and Aviation Maintenance Alerts.


Beech (Raytheon) Model A36 Bonanza
Fuel Tank Bladder Contamination

A repair station technician states, A customer reported white particles coming from the (aircrafts) quick drains. Two fuel bladders were removed and inspected: evidence of the white powder was found in various places in both tanks. They were replaced with new units from the original manufacturer, who was made aware of the problem. (Part numbers provided are 2121-9-1 and 2121-10-2.)Part Total Time: 9.7 hours.

Beech (Raytheon) Model E55 Baron
Failed Nose Gear Retraction Rod End

After takeoff, states this repair station technician, the landing gear was retracted and the pilot heard a banging noise. It became apparent the nose gear retract mechanism had broken and that the nose gear did not retract properly. The aircraft was flown to its destination airport where the nose gear collapsed on landing-as expected.Investigation revealed a broken rod end (Beech p/n HMXL6FG) under the landing gear transmission. The probable cause of the defect is suspected to be an out-of-rig condition that eventually caused failure.Part Total Time: (unknown).

Cessna Model 210 Centurion
Cracked Hydraulic Line

A landing gear hydraulic line, described as the door open line, failed, resulting in the aircraft landing with the main landing gear up. The submitting mechanic states, The ferrule on the nose landing gear door open line cracked along stress risers created by a flaring tool vice. (This) resulted in loss of hydraulic fluid to operate the landing gear.Part Total Time: (unknown).

Kelly Aerospace Starter
Failed Bendix Drive

The submitter installed a factory overhauled engine onto a Cessna 182 with a Lycoming IO-540-L3C5D engine. The Kelly Aerospace starters Bendix drive was engaged when the engine was installed. After the first start, the starter would spin, but the Bendix drive would not re-engage the starter ring gear on the engine. This starter (s/n E111092) was replaced with (another) overhauled Kelly Aerospace starter (s/n E123085).After the first start, the new starter spun but would not re-engage its Bendix drive pinion into the ring gear on the engine. The submitter installed a Prestolite starter MHB 4016 (s/n 6120763). Following installation, the new starter passed an operation and ground-run check.Part(s) Total Time: 0.0 hours.

Lamar Technology Starter
Failed Bendix Drive

An air taxi operator reports replacing seven Lamar starters, including one unit overhauled by the manufacturer. All failed after barely 100 hours of flying time.Part(s) Total Time: 100.0 hours.


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