Stuck, Jammed, Split


Aeronca 7CCM
Stuck Fuel Gauge

The aircraft lost power and landed in a field, coming to rest on its nose. During the post-crash investigation, the pilot stated he checked the fuel gauge prior to the flight and that it read one-half full. He did not visually check the quantity.

Investigation revealed the fuel tank to be empty and the gauge stuck in the half-full position. The fuel gauge part number provided is 2-731.

Part Total Time: unknown.

Beech B100
Jammed Fuel Control Linkage

During a check ride, the chief pilot shut down the right engine in flight. When attempting a restart, the fuel shut-off lever jammed in the off position. The crew conducted a successful and uneventful single engine landing at the base airport.


Upon investigation, a technician discovered the aft shroud on the r/h starter generator (p/n 23079-000-1) had slipped aft, blocking the linkage while the shutoff control remained in the off position. The shroud was repositioned and its clamp secured.

Part Total Time: 322.0 hours.

Beech A65
Split-Flap Condition

The crew flew a normal approach and landing in VFR conditions. After the landing rollout, the flaps were retracted. When exiting the aircraft, the crew noticed the inner flap on the port side was still extended. The flap was manually reset to zero and the aircraft subsequently flown back to its home base. A no-flap landing was performed.

Maintenance technicians found the l/h inboard flap drive assembly had failed. The two lugs that transfer cable movement 90 degrees into the actuator had sheared, preventing retraction. The inboard flap could be deployed from the up to the down position, but had to be reset to the up position manually.

Remaining flap system components were inspected and found satisfactory. The drive assembly is p/n 50-380113-1.

Part Total Time: unknown.

Cessna: 175
Cracked Engine Mount Brackets

The engine mount attachment bracket (p/n 0513132-11) was found broken and cracked. The cracks were on the inboard and outboard sides of the AN960-616 washer(s) at the 12 and 6 oclock positions.

The submitter speculates a possible cause is the AN960-616 washer is too small, and suggests a larger and thicker washer is needed to support the upper engine mount load.

Part Total Time: unknown.

Cessna 185E
Stripped Pitch-Trim Jack Screws

After a pilot squawked the horizontal stabilizer trim, technicians found the barrel side of the trim jackscrew (p/n 0712500-13) had stripped out.

This system includes two trim jackscrews-the remaining jack took all of the load and eventually jammed.

Part Total Time: 8672.0 hours.


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