Twin And Turbine Troubles

The following information is derived from the FAAs Service Difficulty Reports and Aviation Maintenance Alerts.


Cessna 340A

Failed Nose Gear Linkage

Selecting the landing gear “down” produced an unsafe nose gear indication. Manual gear extension proved unsuccessful. The nose landing gear collapsed upon landing.

Inspection revealed the nose landing gear linkage adjusting fork (p/n 5045211-2) had fractured, preventing extension of the nose landing gear to a down and locked position. Evidence suggests this fracture was progressive in nature, and some


degradation to the components structure existed prior to failure.

Part Total Time: (unknown).

Cessna 208B

Failed Fuel Pump

During an inspection, the fuel pump was rejected in accordance with a Pratt & Whitney service bulletin. An overhauled pump was installed, but failed operational checks. This pump was replaced with a second overhauled pump, which also failed operational checks. A third pump was installed, which passed an operational check.

Including the original, Sundstrand manufactured all four pumps (p/n 025323-150). The first two pumps were overhauled by a California company; a company in Texas overhauled the third functional pump.

Part Total Time: 0.0 hours.

Cirrus SR20

Cracked Nose Gear Strut

The nosewheel pant was reported damaged after landing. Inspection revealed the upper left arm on the nose strut (p/n 11907-005) was seriously cracked. This crack ran from the top of the arm (just forward of the strut data plate) through the entire arm, and stopped at the bottom where a gusset was welded. This crack continued to run parallel to the gusset for approximately 0.50 inches. The nose wheel stop and nose fork also were damaged.

Part Total Time: 515.0 hours.

Cirrus SR22

Failed Roll-Trim Actuator

The roll-trim actuator malfunctioned on three occasions since purchasing the aircraft new in 2002. In each case, the wires leading to the electric motor had come loose, causing the trim actuator to hold full left aileron.

Part Total Time: 300.0 hours.

Mooney M20C

Seized Fuel Selector Valve

The fuel selector valve (p/n 3610021) seized in the “off” position. The failure was caused by corrosion on the selector valve shaft where it passes through the upper valve housing. No provision is made to prevent spilled liquids or carpet-saturated moisture from entering the upper housing valve shaft bore.

Part Total Time: (unknown).


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