Gadget Flight Rules

Some dos and donts for in-cockpit gadgets:


– Carry a back-up for critical functions: either a second gadget configured like your primary one or-the horror!-actual paper. Print out the terminal procedures you expect to need. Include a copy of your flight plan. Write down your clearance, and any amendments. Maybe even a sectional chart?

– Ensure adequate cooling and power for all your devices. Some cockpits can end up looking like a wire factory, which obviously can create an egress hazard. Meanwhile, leaving any electronic device sitting in the sun on the glareshield is going to warm it up. Maybe put a piece of white paper over it to reflect some sun, deflect a vent duct onto it, or both.

– Keep your gadgets charting, airport/facility and other cyclical data current. Updates to the gadgets operating system and the EFB software itself are less critical. Our advice would be to never load an OS or app update the night before departing on a multi-day trip. But you knew that.

– Depend on your gadget to keep you out of trouble. Its mere presence wont help a bit; you have to configure it and use it to gain the maximum benefit. For example, practice-with a safety pilot, if needed-until youre sure you can shoot an approach to minimums using a gadget.

– Mount your gadget where it blocks important panel-mounted equipment, or can injure you or a passenger in turbulence or a sudden stop.

– Be a slave to your gadget. You still have to fly the plane, and concentrating on your gadget all the time wont help with that.


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