April 26, 2008, Tetlin, Alaska, Bellanca 7GCBC


At about 1030 Alaska time, the airplane sustained substantial damage during an aborted landing. Neither the certificated flight instructor (CFI) nor the student pilot were injured. Visual conditions prevailed.

According to the CFI, during the accident landing, the student allowed the airplane to bounce slightly and, as the main wheels touched down again, the airplane veered to the left. The CFI took control of the airplane in an attempt to realign it, but it continued to veer to the left. He applied full engine power in an attempt to abort the landing and the airplane became airborne momentarily but descended into an area on the left side of the runway, colliding with rough and uneven terrain. The airplane came to rest upright and sustained structural damage to the wings, wing lift struts, fuselage and empennage. The CFI noted the winds were calm at the time of the accident.


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