April 3, 2008, New York, N.Y., Cessna 750 Citation


The airplane departed the right side of JFKs Runway 13L at 2014 Eastern time during the landing rollout. Night visual conditions prevailed; the airplane received substantial damage. The airline transport rated pilot-in-command and co-pilot (CP) reported no injuries.

After touchdown, the CP stated he did not have nosewheel steering, brakes or any feeling of engine thrust reverse at approximately 80 knots. The crew applied emergency air brakes, and the airplane veered off the runway to the right with visible skid marks present on the runway. The airplane collided with a dirt divider, sheared off the left main landing gear, buckled the nosegear and the left wing dug into the sand before the airplane came to a complete stop. Prior to the landing, the crew encountered problems with the “A” hydraulic system and performed checklist procedures.


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