April 5, Marianna, Fla. / Learjet 35A


At 09:30 CDT, a Learjet 35A operating as a training flight crashed near Marianna, killing the crew of two and a commercial pilot in the jump seat. The airplane had departed from Opa Locka, Fla., more than an hour earlier for the left-seat pilot to retake a Learjet type rating checkride he had failed several days earlier. The pilot was on an IFR flight plan in VMC when he canceled his IFR flight plan over the VOR, and reported the airport in sight. The distance from the VOR to the airport was 4 miles. Several witnesses saw the airplane enter right traffic at a low altitude for a landing on runway 36. The airplane was seen turning right from base to final, at which point it pitched nose high, the right wing dropped, and the airplane struck trees to the left of centerline runway 36.


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